Natural and ethic cosmetic – Estelle Lebeau

Natural and ethic cosmetic – Estelle Lebeau


Nest Saturday, the 20/10, from 10am to noon, I invite my friend Estelle Lebeau at the Coffee Ride for a “slow cosmetic” workshop. A moment to take car of yourself, in the heart of the Ardennes. It’s also the opportunity to come admire the wonderful automnal colors that the nature offers us lately.


I’m really happy to introduce you the talents and the passion of Estelle! I would witness her the last couple of years reorganize her life to learn and start fresh in a field that passionates her deeply. It was far from being an easy choice, but she followed her gut and I think you do agree that she was right doing it!


I’m particularly sensible to the concept because it’s based on a conscious consumption and the well-being, in every shape of it.



I asked Estelle a few questions about the slow cosmetic and the workshop that she’ll offer us Saturday! I’m sharing those with you 🙂


Can you explain us a bit more the concept of “slow cosmetic” ?


” The slow cosmetic, is a militant moment born in 2012. From one part, it brings an attention to a noble cosmetic, authentic and natural, and from an other part, it highlight the artisans, and manufacturers that engage themselves to offer ethic products. This movement help us to consume more reasonably (because less), more cleverly (thanks to the decrypting of the labels), ecologically (because less and mostly adapted and conscious purchases) and humanly (because there are rules based on the ethic and the quality of the basic ingredients of the products but also of the packaging and a transparent marketing).

Finally, for the fort time, the question of a real “meaning” in cosmetic is asked!


What are we going to learn during the workshop of Saturday?


“You’ll learn to make yourself a whole facial treatment. We’ll only use brut and basic ingredients. We’ll also take the time to understand the benefit and the necessity of each step. You’ll prepare all the products. this workshop is the opportunity to réalisé that taking good car of your skin is simple, easy to do on your own and very economical.”


What will be the concrete result of the workshop?


“You’ll go back home with a homemade product. You’ll also get a great tote bag to shop consciously 😊 !”


How is it possible to organize such a workshop with you ?


“If you fell like organize a workshop with your friends, you can contact me per mail or call me. We’ll set together a place and a timing. I move everywhere in Belgium !”


Do you feel like discovering her universe, taking an appointment for a treatment or organize a workshop?


Contact Estelle : / 0493 / 675 321

Her address : rue du Millénaire, 2 – 4840 Welkenraedt (only on appointments).


See you Saturday!


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