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About me …


I’m Rachel and I’m Belgian. I live in the area of Liege, South of Belgium, I grew up in the Belgian Ardennes and I’m passionate about travelling, learning, discovering and I experiment everyday a healthy and peaceful lifestyle.


I’m lucky to work as an entrepreneur for my own project, KOKKO Bags. You can learn more about it over here. On Happy Rachel, I share the evolution of the brand and the life at the workshop.


I also work with my husband at Le Coffee Ride, in Coo. In our “Café Vélo”, we welcome you for authentic and peaceful stay in the Ardennes.


Hi and welcome to Happy Rachel!


Happy Rachel is dedicated to my passions and my love to learn and to share about my experience through a healthy and peaceful lifestyle.


I started this journey of a holistic plant-based diet and conscious rhythm of living when i got diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2014.


Since this diagnosis I accomplished a lot of beautiful things, in which, the creation of my own handbag brand, KOKKO Bags and I started collaborating with my husband for Le Coffee Ride Café.


It took me a lot of time and energy to find resources about this lifestyle, and only few of them are available in French. I wish, through this blog to share and maybe help and inspire other persons in my case.


On Happy Rachel, I share the result of my researches and personal reasoning, because I find them interesting and they bring me a lot, but I do recall that I’m not a nutritionist nor a doctor and upmost, I’m not judging anyone about the way they wish to do.


I explain you with more details my story underneath, feel free to go read it.

Thank you for visiting Happy Rachel!



My story


The Happy Rachel journey started in 2013, when what I thought was a blocked nerve in my back made me feel like the left side of my body was asleep and loose my balance.


A few days later, I went to get that nerve fixed but I ended up at the hospital to get some neurological tests.


It’s only in June 2014, after 6 very exhausting months (I was working as a flight attendant and always feeling worse) knowing that something wasn’t right, that the diagnosis came : multiple sclerosis. This one changed my life quite a lot. I had to stop working and the tiredness wasn’t leaving me at all.


After a few months of acceptation and total rest, I slowly realized that a holistic approach could help me see the things in a different way and could help me feel better.


It was time for me to become the expert of my own health, I took that job!


After searching and reading about this subject, which include the work of the OMS foundation in Australia, I started to put in practice the recommendations. They suggest a program to lower drastically (or completely) the chances of relapses and to live “normally”. The program is a plant-based diet + fish (no refined sugars, no dairy, no meat), low in saturated fat, rich in Omega 3, with vitamine D supplementation, healing the inside conflicts, exercices and meditation!


I know this can seem drastic, particularly in an European culture when the social life takes mostly place around a dinner table. But really, the price is so worth it! I was sure this was a key to feel “normal” again. So I learned, step by step (and am still learning) to apply the different principles and I started to feel the positive effects … !


As I couldn’t get back to work yet, I needed a way to express myself. A first blog was born and I was sharing about my food recipes, my hobbys which included the handbags making.


My handbags caught quite a lot of attention , so I decided to create KOKKO Bags in December 2015 and to focus only on that project which brings me so much! It’s the exact project and the activity that I needed to get back to work, while having the opportunity to respect my own rhythm and values. KOKKO is a bit the reward from all these hours searching, experimenting and listening to my body.


My carrer had some more surprises for me as I had the opportunity, a few years later to join my husband on his project, Le coffee ride. A cosy place in the Ardennes where he welcomes cyclists, but also any one in love with nature and/or the sport. I find there a new place to express myself and my creativity.


In order to keep sharing about those values and my experience, I created this new space, Happy Rachel, where I can spread my positive vibes, my discoveries et researches that could be useful to other people in my case, or to anyone who would like to try a more healthy, healing and peaceful lifestyle.


You’ll see that I also have a passion for cooking (since I was a kid!), because I can express my creativity in it. I also share on different inspirations and sources where I could find all this motivation to feel better!


Thanks for reading me!